Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor your premises, track company vehicles. We take real time seriously. Try our CIT.

Integrity Shopping

Confirms drills carried out at the point of sale and if cash received is being correctly accounted for.


Snap Searches

Snap inspection and search of vehicles and /or staff is a valuable tool and deterrent.

Psychological Testing

Our system evaluates stress in the vocal chords. Indicates if the subject is telling the truth or not.

Fully equipped. Trained. Confident. CIT by Safeguard.

If it’s time to rethink secure transport of valuables, then it may be time to give us a call. We’ll give you a free security evaluation.

Serious about firearm training

Our training drills take firearm safety up a notch. Trained with muzzle awareness and moving with fingers off the trigger. We want only the most responsible men and women on the team. So do you? So do we.

Secure Cash Delivery

Point to point or with optional secure storage. Get tighter control of your cash and valuables. Safeguard also offers wage packing and payout services which enable you to have hassle free logistics with staff payment solutions.

Cash in Transit Services

An essential business service that is surprisingly affordable. Our teams are trained by professionals to provide secure point to point movement of cash and valuables. Safeguard offers both local and inter-city runs. We have the option to provide secure storage.

Tactically prepared

Trained to cope with operational planning and contingency.

Classroom Environment

We develop human resources with focus on individuals.

Qualified Trainers

Mentored by experts, guards are given the tools to excel.

Defensive Skills

Practical coaching on defensive skills are instilled.

Other Services

We have many proven solutions for business security. Explore some of our services below and get in a security advisor to take the next step.


As members of the World Association of Detectives and the Association of British Investigators we conduct local investigations on behalf of international organisations, and conversely can coordinate international investigations for our clients in Zimbabwe.


Safeguard are able to provide guard services countrywide for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Services include

  • Standard guarding for a site – access control and patrolling duties, or more specialist work such as receipt and dispatch control.
  • Armed Guards – usually for banks and to protect cash offices and other high value areas.
  • Retail Guarding – Safeguard have been the leaders in retail security for many years, and have a team of specially trained staff for retail security.
  • Special event cover – special management team manages high profile events including conferences, sports events.
  • Guard Dogs and handlers – Trained handlers and dogs for higher risk areas.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

  • Rigorous selection process including basic integrity testing using Psychological stress evaluator.
  • High standard of training at our registered training school.
  • Guards properly equipped for site and duties.
  • Close supervision of sites by motorized supervisors.
  • Close and personal attention of management to help you improve security at your site.
  • A proven track record of service.

Close surveillance of a premises or person/s to report on activity. May involve the use of:

  • Covert CCTV
  • Recordings
  • Satellite tracking devices.
  • Trained surveillance operatives

Note: We do not carry out surveillance related to marital disputes.

Wage Packing

An affordable service that reduces the risk of collecting and packing pay at your office for weekly or monthly payouts.

  • Collection of cash and breakdowns
  • Packaging of payslips and pay
  • Payout of staff at the pay point
  • Protection of the area whilst payout in progress

We also provide payout services and armed escorts for payouts in rural areas and difficult to reach locations. We have fully equipped 4 by 4 vehicles that can take us into remote locations to assist with payment and have an excellent track record in this area.

Access Control

We provide a range of systems from IMPRO, GSC and Trac Tech. Impro is a superior access control package that has been particularly successful in Zimbabwe as well as being the market leader worldwide, and can incorporate the latest biometric identification technology.

Types of access control


An electronic magnetic lock with battery back up is fitted to the required door . A proximity tag reader is installed on either side of the door or a release button on one site with a buzzer. A keypad is an optional extra. Any number of users tag may now be programmed for authorized entry. NO RECORDS are kept as to who entered or exit. The advantage of this system is its keyless and users may be added or deleted.


The same electronic locks are fitted to the required doors. Tag readers are installed both on the inside and out side of each door and are hardwired back to a central controller which stores the traffic data and downloads it to a computer (supplied by customer). Each authorized tag holder may have his / her security access programmed to specific doors, days and times. This information may further be used to generate a time and attendance system.


A fingerprint scanner with battery back up is installed on the entry side of each door with a free exit or tag release on the exit. Or for high security a fingerprint reader both sides. The finger print reader may be used as a stand alone system or down loaded to a data base and computer. Biometric readers are best used for high security low volume traffic.


Any of the above access systems may be used to control Turnstiles, Sliding gates, Doors, Mantrap doors, Traffic booms.


Closed Circuit Television

We install and support a wide range of systems, from the small single camera kit, to large and sophisticated integrated systems incorporating smart scan DOME cameras that can be viewed remotely via IP, PSTN, GSM and LAN/WAN.

Our digital systems allow camera pictures to be brought to management desktops for improved control and information and can be viewed from any where in the world.

Types of CCTV


For higher security , production, residential , retail, mining applications. Any number of camera combinations are available. Cameras are able to be focused using a varifocal lenses to meet customer requirements. The cameras are 1/3 and range from 420 TVL to 580 TVL both outdoor ,indoor and dome designs. INFRA RED cameras for night and low light are available with up to 60meter range. All installations come with a DVR for recording and viewing over the internet and recommended power protection and console to house your installation.


These kits come in 4, 9 and 16 camera standard resolution kits. Standard resolution includes fixed focus cameras ¼ 420 TVL resolution with INFRA RED 10meters cameras for out door use .Indoor cameras are mini domes for ceiling mount. All kits come with DVR for recording and internet viewing if internet is available. This is the most cost effective way to start a CCTV system and cameras may be upgraded at a later stage.


Cleverly disguised cameras may be fitted to an existing installation making it difficult for the public to recognize that they are on camera. These cameras also come with voice so conversations may be recorded.


Specialist cameras are able to be driven by an operator , over the internet or pre programmed to zoom in / out. or patrol set patterns. These are very high resolution cameras and ideal for covering large areas. Supermarkets, mines, car parks, malls.

Vehicle Tracking

Safeguard offer Ezytrack Satellite tracking. An affordable, but state of the art system that allows you to track your vehicles in real time, or just for recovery in an emergency (theft or Hijack).

  • Live and historical tracking
  • Easy monitoring via the internet
  • 24 hour countrywide response to emergencies
  • Fleet management, personal security, hijack, and theft packages
  • Speed and trip reporting
  • No go zones tracking.
Integrity Shopping & Snap Searches

Integrity Shopping confirms drills carried out at the point of sale, and establishes if cash received is being correctly accounted for.

Snap inspection and search of vehicles and /or staff is a valuable tool and is a major deterrent if used correctly.
Can be a search after checked by the local security guard, or a special search independent of any security.
Especially effective as a deterrent if you do not employ security, and is a good check on security procedures at search and exit points even if you do have security. Can be arranged at short notice

Psychological Stress Alalysis

Psychological Stress Evaluation is the ultimate truth verification technology.

A system that evaluates stress in the vocal chords and indicates if the subject is telling the truth or not. We have had real success with the system and it is an excellent aid.

  • Pre employment testing – especially for critical areas where absolute integrity is essential
  • Post incident testing – indicates possible involvement for further followup
  • Confirmation of background.

All tests are managed by a qualified Psychologist.

Tracing & Debt Recovery

Tracing of individuals who have accumulated debt and the subsequent recovery of monies owed is a specialised field in which Safeguard has the ability to leverage off our manpower which includes specialists in their respective field. By engaging Safeguard early on in the matter we are more likely to be successful in the recovery procedure.

If you need to find someone or need any specialised service in the investigations field, we have the solution. Please get in touch with us and let our expertise speak for themselves.

Members of:

• Security Association of Zimbabwe

• World Association of Detectives

• Association of British Detectives


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