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From rapid response to video alarms. Let our Safeguard Security Advisors give you a free consultation. What have you got to lose?

Rapid Response

Immediate – 24 Hours and operating nationwide.


Safeguard Alarms

2 year guarantee. Indoor and Outdoor. Video monitoring optional.

Gates & Fencing

Electric Fencing, Gates, Burglar bars and Security barriers.

Plans and Pricing

With a comprehensive offering of solutions, there is no job too small for Safeguard. While you know we have got you covered on the big stuff it’s reassuring to know we take care of small stuff too.

PSE Testing

Perfect for pre or post employment scenarios where you need to evaluate staff integrity. This cutting edge technology is non-invasive and relatively quick to perform.

Guarding Excellence

Family is precious, your home is your castle. The no compromise solution is more cost effective than you might think. Let Safeguard give you a quote or some friendly advice.

Video Alarms

A robust video alarm technology can be deployed to give you the piece of mind that we have your back. Let us give you a full proposal and demonstration of this wonderful service.


Emergency Response

We hope you never have to push the button, however if the need arises we will be moments away and ready to assist. Peace of mind in the midst of a panic is precious.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Despite the pouring rain, continuing lightning strikes and ankle-deep water, both our day guard (Gideon) and our night guard (Romeo – who had fortunately arrived an hour early for his shift) ran out into the storm to ensure our safety.

 Jane K, Residential Client.

Guard Services

Safeguard offers a complete solution for homes that require a guard.

Rapid Deployment

We have the ability to deploy rapidly, reliably and competitively.


Electric gates and electric fencing, supplied and fitted professionally.

Xpanda products

The entire Xpanda product range is supplied and backed up by Safeguard.


The X-door is an affordable trellis door for both door and window applications, and is available in a wide range of UV resistant colours. The X-Door fastens on 4 sides to create a full framed barrier to protect your home and your business.



Alu-max is South Africa’s premier sliding security door, or ‘trellis door’. This product has a solid aluminium infill with 4 uprights for maximum strength. Manufactured locally to SABS standards, this product is available both locally and internationally. The Alu-max works as a great security barrier.

The product is constructed using aircraft grade aluminium; The double uprights are secured across 4 uprights for added strength. The high tensile rivets are secured internally and are not exposed on the outer or inner sides of the door. Top hangers are brass roller bearings with a nylon covering to ensure easy sliding operation. The 4-point mushroom head deadlock ensures this door can withstand a pulling force of 4.2 tonnes.



Alu-Glide is our fully framed sliding security door or “trellis door” with a single slamlock. Built with a 100% aluminium construction, it is ideal for coastal regions as it is rust resistant. This door is mass-produced and designed to be altered on-site. All doors are manufactured with the lock on the right hand side with the lattice facing inward.


Multiguard is one of Xpanda’s best selling sliding security doors or ‘trellis doors’. Available in UV resistant colours, makes this sliding security barrier perfect for external applications in both residential and commercial installations. 70% solid steel construction with a combination of 20 mm square tube uprights and 20 x 5 flat bar riveted together with high tensile rivets.



Saftidor is Xpanda’s entry level security option. Tried and tested in the field for over 30 years, it is ideal for front, back and passage doors, where one needs to swing stacked product out of the way so as not to lose space. The Saftidor features a unique interlocking lattice work to suit most types of steel and wood openings.



T-Max, a sliding security door from Xpanda, is available in steel and aircraft grade aluminium. Protect your family with the Slamlock top and bottom to provide rapid security in an emergency. The T-Max provides maximum security for residential and commercial properties.

Xpanda offers the widest and comprehensive range of approved anti-burglar protection and deterrent security products.

Safeguard is proud to be associated with the Xpanda brand and we are always available to visit your home and give advice on solutions suitable to your requirements.

South African Bureau of Standards Approved

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Many Options to Choose

Why compromise when we can offer you a custom solution.

A Great Brand

A great brand that you can rely on to keep intruders out.

Xpanda product sales on the rise

Take a look at Xpanda in the press. Sales shoot up of products sales over three times!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are reaction teams armed?

They are not allowed to carry firearms, but are armed with pepper spray, baton sticks and shock sticks. They also have direct contact with our control centre who will summon /collect armed Police personnel if the need arises

What is the reaction time?

Our average time is just under 6 minutes. Those clients that live well away from the greater city areas will have a longer time, and those within the greater city area will typically have a shorter time.

What does it cost to install a response link?

Installation is free.

Can I connect the link to an existing alarm or fence?

Yes. In 99% of cases.

Can I get reports on the alarm to my email or cell phone?


Don't Be Shy

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