Fully equipped, Trained, Confident. Solutions by Safeguard.

Alarm Systems

Indoor and outdoor intruder alarm systems and fire alarms backed by a 2-year warranty and excellent service and support.

CCTV Video Analytics

Flexible, scalable, reliable and powerful CCTV management system. Intelligent video analysis to aid in event identification. Vehicle number plate recognition systems for enhanced security.

Access Control Systems

Biometrics access control systems, boom systems, time and attendance, mantraps, automatic sliding doors and pop up road barriers and spikes.

Rapid Response

Free installation, cellphone panic, roadside and medical assistance.

Cash in Transit Services


Services on offer include Cash Management, Cash Payouts, Cash Storage, Cash in Transit, Bullion Collection and escorts.

  • All vehicles are fitted with panic buttons and CCTV cameras (front, rear, vault and cab) and they are monitored constantly in our Control Room.
  • All details are honesty tested monthly (PSE) and must pass to verify their integrity.
  • Each vehicle is insured.
  • Country run vehicles are equipped with satellite phones.
  • Offices and surrounding areas are covered by CCTV

Serious about firearm training

Our training drills take firearm safety up a notch. Trained with muzzle awareness and moving with fingers off the trigger. We want only the most responsible men and women on the team. So do you? So do we.

Secure Cash Delivery

Point to point or with optional secure storage. Get tighter control of your cash and valuables. Safeguard also offers wage packing and payout services which enable you to have hassle free logistics with staff payment solutions.

Cash in Transit Pricing

An essential business service that is surprisingly affordable. Our teams are trained by professionals to provide secure point to point movement of cash and valuables. Safeguard offers both local and inter-city runs. We have the option to provide secure storage.

Tactically prepared

Trained to cope with operational planning and contingency.

Classroom Environment

We develop human resources with focus on individuals.

Qualified Trainers

Mentored by experts, guards are given the tools to excel.

Defensive Skills

Practical coaching on defensive skills are instilled.

Our Other Services

We have many proven solutions for business security. Explore some of our services below and get in a security advisor to take the next step.

Safeguard are able to provide guard services countrywide for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Services include

  • Standard guarding for a site – access control and patrolling duties, or more specialist work such as receipt and dispatch control.
  • Armed Guards – usually for banks and to protect cash offices and other high value areas.
  • Retail Guarding – Safeguard have been the leaders in retail security for many years, and have a team of specially trained staff for retail security.
  • Special event cover – special management team manages high profile events including conferences, sports events.
  • Guard Dogs and handlers – Trained handlers and dogs for higher risk areas.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

  • Rigorous selection process including basic integrity testing using Psychological stress evaluator.
  • High standard of training at our registered training school.
  • Guards properly equipped for site and duties.
  • Close supervision of sites by motorized supervisors.
  • Close and personal attention of management to help you improve security at your site.
  • A proven track record of service.
Dog Section

Safeguard is working with responsible authority to ensure the guard dogs section meets all the required standards.

  • Our training meets the international standard level.
  • We use motivational methods for training, which is a new system and we have moved away from the old methods of beating dogs.
  • We train both handlers and dogs on the following:
  • Dog handling safety procedures
  • On leash tackles
  • Obedience
  • Apprehending a suspect with the help of a dog.
  • How to handle a dog whilst on patrol
  • Physical examination of a dog, checking whether the dog is fit or unfit for duty.

Robust History

We have been around since 1972 and continue to innovate as well as refine our product offerings. Always competitive and true to our mission. When security matters, there is Safeguard.

Our Awards