We are all looking forward to the Easter Break, and school holidays. A few security reminders for you to consider in the run up and whilst away. Check and test your security systems now. Make any bookings for security guards or Technical service TODAY. Don’t leave it to the last minute.

Use your security systems all the time – whilst away during the day, early in the evening when at home, and on permanently whilst on holiday
Restrict access to your property. “No appointment no access” should be the rule.
Set strict rules about who can be on the property if you are away, and let us know who we can expect to see if we respond to site.
Download the SAFEGUARD SOS App. It’s a backup response system at home, and great for support in an emergency whilst away. Its free for safeguard response customers and you can rent it if not for a few dollars a month whilst away.
Cash is a real target, so be sensible about what you carry or keep at home.
There is an increase in attacks against women and pedestrians, so walk in groups, and think about carrying pepper spray or similar readily to hand. If running or walking after hours take your dog (or a friend) and do not display phones or wallets
Don’t leave valuables in vehicles. They will be stolen.
Secure valuables – if you are going to be away and are worried about your valuables, think about securing them off site (storage mart.co.zw have some great solutions)
If in doubt, trust your instincts and call for help, or avoid the situation.

If you need any assistance, please call your local office or contact us on
WhatsApp 0772198341. We are available 24hrs!

Have a good Easter.