In the last three months of the year we normally see an increase in crime .This year October showed a marked increase over last year, and in some areas the number of incidents have doubled year on year.

November has started with a bang, and in the city centre last week we attended to 7 break ins in one night. It has also been busy in many of the suburbs, and we will be putting extra teams into the area from this week in response to this increased activity.

Attendance to false alarms diverts us from real emergencies. If you have a false alarm problem please work with us to solve it. They are preventable, and we simply cannot continue to attend to sites that are NOT taking sensible steps to reduce these alarms.

Christmas is around the corner. Start to think now about your security for the period. If you are travelling remember the cell phone panic (comes with roadside assistance), test and check your security systems, and order guard services early please. Remember that our call centre can help you with virtually any emergency- alarm, panic, fire, medical, roadside assistance, and maintenance emergencies at home!

If you have any concerns about your security please give your local branch a call, or contact us via the website, to, or whatsapp us at 0772 198 341.

Thank you for using safeguard.


On 6/10/2018 there was a break in in Southerton. Intruders gained entry by removing three panels from the wall and stole a fire extinguisher from the fuel pump. The intruders fled after being disturbed by an alert guard who pressed his panic button.

On 8/10/18 at 08:27 hours an alarm signal was received from the city centre.  Intruders tampered with a key on the screen doors but fled empty handed when the alarm sounded. Client declined police involvement since nothing was stolen.

On 11/10/18 at 07:05 hours our client from Highlands informed us that he discovered a break in from the night before.  Intruders stole a gate motor.  This area is not covered by an alarm system.

On 11/10/18 at 00:07 hours a videofied alarm signal was received from Mt Hampden.  Intruders gained entry by removing one palisade fence bar and cut the razor wire but fled empty handed when the alarm sounded.

On 21/10/18 at 23:30 hours an alarm signal was received from the city centre.  Intruders gained entry by removing one roofing sheet, broke the ceiling and used a rope and ladder to get into the premises. They stole cash. The alarm triggered and they ran away.

On 22/10/18 at 23:30 hours a call was received to the effect that there was a break in at a shop in Chitungwiza. Intruders forced open the rear door and went on to blast the safe where they stole cash. No signal was received because the client uses a stand- alone panic system during business hours.

On 29/10/2018 a call was received from our client in Avondale to advise of a break-in which had occurred the previous night. Intruders forced open the main door and gained access. They stole stock items. No signal was received as the alarm system was not armed.

On 29/10/2018 at 00:39 hrs an alarm signal was received from City Centre. Intruders gained entry through a top window which was not properly closed and stole some phones. Alarm activated and the intruders fled.

On 29/10/2018 at 03:09 hours an alarm signal was received from Kuwadzana. Response team checked and reported a break in. One door was forced open. Nothing was stolen as intruders fled when the alarm activated. Client declined police involvement.



On 21/10/2018 in Gweru CBD, an unidentified intruder scaled the perimeter wall securing a stock feeds company and attempted to break into a warehouse during night. These intruders were picked by an alarm sensor securing the next door shop. The warehouse has no intruder alarm.

On 25/10/2018, at around 4am, intruders pounced a shop in Gweru CBD where they broke a padlock using a bolt cutter securing the gate to the staff car park at the back of the shop.  The intruders were picked by an alarm sensor and ran away.

On 30/10/2018, an unknown intruder attempted to break into the money booths owned by one the of the cash holding companies in Gweru. The intruder hit the window securing the booths with a concrete brick and left empty handed as there was no cash left overnight. The premises has an alarm and the alarm did not trigger as the affected area has no sensors.

In the low density suburb of Nashville, a gang of intruders has been seen moving around wearing work suits not labelled, pretending to be ZESA employees. They were targeting houses where occupants would have gone to church or to work and eventually were approaching house maids pretending to fix faults. In the process, they would steal from such households.


On the 18/10/2018, intruders through a stone at the display window of a retail shop and it hit the satchels which were on display and the alarm went off. Reaction team swiftly reacted and secured the place as the owner was called and after checking all his goods, he stated that nothing had been stolen.


On 6/10/18at 04:14hrs we received an alarm from a residential area. An intruder had broken a kitchen window to gain access and the alarm activated scaring him off without stealing anything.

On 10/10/18 a confectionary shop had its display window smashed by an intruder. The part of shop that was smashed is not covered by alarm sensors. The intruder entered the shop and grabbed some drinks worth $10.00 from a nearby refrigerator and left without being detected by the alarm. The intruder was arrested by members of the public when he was breaking into the next shop. The client has agreed with our recommendations to increase sensors in the shop and to also upgrade his old alarm system.

On 12/10/18 at 00:54hrs we received an alarm signal from a Fruit and vegetable shop in the city. Our response team attended within 4 minutes and checked the premises and discovered that the roof had several holes and also sensed some movements within the premises. We immediately engaged ZRP Dog section which came and picked up the scent of the intruders whom they tracked and arrested a few blocks from the premises. The two accused arrested had just been released from prison after theft of batteries within the same business area.

On 21/10/18 at 01:35hrs we received a panic signal from a Hillside residence. Our response vehicle attended within 6 minutes and found an intruder that had cut a Burglar bar of one of the spare bedrooms and the client heard a noise and pressed his panic button.  Nothing was stolen as the intruder fled when the panic alarm activated. 


On the 12/10/2018 our guard on duty at one of our client premises noticed people moving outside the premises he was guarding.  He pressed a panic alarm and response team attended, the response team checked the outside perimeter of the premises and recovered   2 x 24 volts batteries and 4 x 12 volts batteries .It could not be established where the batteries were stolen from. The batteries where handed over to Mutare Central Police.

On the 19/10/2018 a panic signal was received from one of our clients. Response team was dispatched.  On arrival they saw the intruders running away .The response team notice that one of the burglar bars was damaged .Nothing was reported stolen and no one was injured.

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