Robo Guard Outdoor Wireless  Alarm

Roboguard uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology. The entire system is wireless and simple to install and move. The HQ monitors for tampering with the sensors as well as battery levels. the HQ can be connected to a siren or to any existing alarm panel and can be armed/disarmed by remote control. The Roboguard sensor is weather proof, tamper proof, robust and impervious to lightning and ultra violet damage. The Roboguard sensor can be positioned up to 4oo metres from the (HQ) ( and up to 800 metres with a booster). the Roboguard will detect movement up to 20 metres away and has a detection arc of 110 degrees.

The Roboguard can be used at:


Game Spotting
Building Sites
Store Rooms


Roboguard Products

A battery-operated, dual sensor, outdoor movement detector designed to detect intruders and wirelessly transmit the information to a Roboguard Base Station

Portable Headquarters (HQ)
A portable 8 zone, 4-output base-station is used to receive and announces signals from up to 8 Roboguard Sensors. The HQ can also be wired to a siren and/or an up-line alarm panel.

Alarm Interface
The Roboguard alarm interface is used to interface with up to four Roboguards with individual intruder detection, tamper, and status LED’s

Power Pack
HQ interface to external devices such as a siren and/or alarm panel. A complete solution with 7/A/h battery, 16VDC transformer, telecable, DC power to HQ and 5 relay output PCB.

A 4-zone, 4 fixed Roboguard base-station is used to interface Roboguards into an existing alarm panel. Also ideal for larger installation that requires more than 8 guards.

A separate receiver that provides the data stream for the Keypad and for the repeater station.

A Roboguard Transmitter is capable of transmitting roboguard intruder and roboguard remote alarms in response to triggering from externally connected systems

The LED Driver unit is used to visually indicate the status of the Roboguard system. the status is indicated via an add-on LED. The LED indicated Armed, Disarmed or Alarm conditions

Keyfob Transmitter
A handheld remote transmitter is used as a panic button and remote control for the radio base stations. 4-button and 6 button versions are available