Safeguard Video Alarm 
Harare residents and businesses can take advantage of the Safeguard Video Alarm, which, when set off, sends Safeguard’s rapid response centre video images of what triggered the alarm and what is happening at the site of the alarm.   The alarm is wireless, easy to install and requires no mains electricity. It is on line all the time, even when there is electricity load shedding. The system can be purchased or hired as a complete system on its own or it can be connected to an existing alarm system. The Safeguard Video Alarm incorporates hidden cameras. When the alarm is on and the sensors detect motion they set off the alarm, send a radio alarm signal to the rapid response centre and send the centre video clips, showing what is happening.

When the staff at the centre phone the premises where the alarm has gone off they can tell the occupant whether there are intruders or the alarm was triggered by an animal. If it is intruders, they will be able to advise the occupants of the premises what to do while they wait for Safeguard’s rapid response team. They will also radio through information to the reaction team. In the few minutes that they take to reach the premises, members of the reaction team will have been briefed on how many intruders have been observed, where they appear to be, what they look like and whether or not they appear to be armed.

If they are armed, the centre will contact the police to request armed police be dispatched to the scene. Indoors and outdoor sensors can be incorporated into the alarm system. A well-placed sensor with a camera positioned opposite parked cars or equipment at commercial or industrial premises can take the place of a security guard. Video clips are only transmitted when the alarm is set off by motion being detected by a sensor or by someone pressing a panic button. The Safeguard Video Alarm not only enhances security at residential, commercial and industrial premises but is also ideal for banks and cash offices A teller or cashier can set it off, in the event of an attempted robbery, by pressing a concealed panic button.

A silent alarm can be installed so that the alarm signal and video clips are sent silently to the response centre. The video clips can be stored on a computer, as can images taken from the video clips. These images can be e-mailed to the police or to the property owner. They may also be used as evidence against the culprits when they are apprehended. One Harare resident who had a Video Alarm sensor installed in his garage, after items kept going missing from there, was surprised to find the culprits captured on camera were his employees.