Safeguard’s Xpanda T-Max screen installed at TV Sales and Home on the corner of Sam Nujoma Street and Samora Machel Avenue in Harare’s central business district helped save the property inside when a motor vehicle accidentally crashed into it.


The building suffered minimal structural damage and a few broken windows but all the furniture and electrical items on display and inside the property were unharmed.


Safeguard installs the South African manufactured Xpanda security doors and screens to provide added protection for doors and windows. The popular T-Max and X-Door security gates and screens are assembled locally, enabling Safeguard to install them within days of their being ordered.


The security gates and screens, which are South African Bureau of Standards certified, can be customised to meet any requirements. The gates are equipped with a special slam-lock feature, which automatically locks them whenever they are slammed shut.


The T-Max is constructed from 20 millimetres vertical uprights for solid strength and flexibility, secured by solid steel or aluminium in-fills.


It can be customised to fit any size of opening, making it ideal for all sectors, whether commercial, industrial or residential. It comes with glass filled nylon rollers to ensure its strength and make it easy to open and close.

It can be installed behind conventional doors for added security. It can be used not only for doorways but to make windows more secure. It is not only strong but attractive and unobtrusive.


The X-Door is an affordable trellis door, which can also be used for both door and window applications. It is constructed from 12 mm square double vertical uprights for strength and flexibility. Like the T-Max it has glass filled nylon rollers for strength and easy operation.


“Installing Xpanda security screens in front of or behind windows that look onto the street on the ground floor of a building helps not only protect your premises from incidents such as this accident but also from thieves,” Safeguard Engineering General Manager Tinarwo Chiremba pointed out.


“Those who wish to add extra security to their premises through having one of these screens installed can visit any of our branches and request a free quotation for any of our screens and gates, which are fitted professionally and come with readily available back up,” he added.