Our Company History

Tradition. Excellence. Innovation. People.

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Our Company History

Formed in 1972 by Ted Mallon, Safeguard has expanded to become the leading security provider in the country. It consists of 4 main companies- Safeguard Security, Safeguard Alarms, Safeguard Investigations, and Safeguard Engineering. These companies have branches throughout the country.

Customer service is at the core of our business, and our training, supervision, management, and support completely sets us apart from our competitors. Our skills cover the broad spectrum of business and home security, and we have amongst our clients, the major banks, retailers, Embassies, and manufacturers, as well as over 20 000 homes countrywide.

We are founder members of the Security Association of Zimbabwe, members of the World association of Detectives, Association of British Investigators, and the Security Association of South Africa. We have a registered training school and train locally and internationally to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the Industry in Zimbabwe.

We Value our History.

While we have a proud heritage of over four decades of service we continue to innovate and look forward to create a value proposition that meets the needs of both our clients and our shareholders.

Integrity & Ethics

Always included in our service delivery.


Safeguard aims to be leader in the provision of first class Security Services .

Our mission is to continually improve and expand our range of services and products to meet the needs of our clients in whose best interests we will always work, whilst maintaining high standards of ethics and integrity.

We aim to provide a well-trained and contented work force with satisfying long-term employment.

We aim to produce a fair return on capital for our shareholders.

Proud of our History. Proud of our People.

Part of our successes is always placing importance on the value of our human resources. We will continually develop our staff and allow them to grow within the company.


Build a broadly based Group engaged in the provision of security services and products to clients.

Treat all groups and individuals whom the business involves and affects with the highest standards of integrity.

Conduct all aspects of our affairs at the highest level of excellence and professionalism.

Stimulate strong organic growth supplemented by carefully selected acquisitions.

Identify specialised market niches within which a major market position may eventually be attained.

Create an environment within which all Safeguard personnel can give of their best and obtain satisfaction.

Provide Safeguard shareholders with a fair return on their investment.

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