November 2018 Incident Report

Christmas; A time for giving, receiving… and taking! A big THANK YOU! From all of us at Safeguard, for all your support this past year.  We really appreciate your business in this difficult economy. After a tough year everyone is desperate to take a break and if...

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October 2018 Incident Report

In the last three months of the year we normally see an increase in crime .This year October showed a marked increase over last year, and in some areas the number of incidents have doubled year on year. November has started with a bang, and in the city centre last...

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September 2018 Incident Report

CrimeThe general trend for crime is upwards unfortunately.From the figures we have collated for September the main areas of concern are an upsurge in theft from motor vehicles (also reported as an issue in Mutare), and an increase in armed robberies.With...

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