Safeguard Security has opened an office in Mount Pleasant for the convenience of its customers and potential customers in Harare’s northern suburbs.

The office, which is located at 24 Coull Drive, oversees Safeguard operations throughout the northern suburbs, from beyond Greendale in the east to Westgate in the west.

It is open during normal office hours to deal with enquiries, receive payments and sign up new customers. Information is available there on the many varied security services that Safeguard provides.

These include guarding, alarms, video alarms, CCTV monitoring, rapid response, automatic sliding doors, voice stress analysis, burglar bars and Xpanda security gates, as well as secure transportation of cash and valuables.

“We decided to open an office in Mount Pleasant to save our customers and potential customers the inconvenience of having to travel across our often congested city centre to visit our office in Graniteside,” explained Safeguard chief executive Andrew Mallon.

“Knowing what a nightmare it can be to have to cross town to reach our main offices in Graniteside, we decided to open an office in Mount Pleasant. This move seems to have been well received by our northern suburbs customers.

“Crime, particularly burglaries and robberies, has been on the increase in the northern suburbs. After meeting with residents in these areas, we have arranged night patrols in some of these suburbs. We have adopted this approach in other areas as well with excellent results,” he said.

“Our guards and rapid response vehicles can be seen throughout the northern suburbs. Establishing an office in Mount Pleasant means we now have a strong administrative presence on this side of the city. It is another way in which we are moving physically closer to where many of our customers are,” he said.

“Although the Mount Pleasant Office is only open to the public during normal office hours, the supervision of guards and our security operations continue 24 hours a day.”


Issued on behalf of Safeguard Security by MHPR Public Relations Consultants, 59 Van Praagh Ave, Milton Park, Harare. Tel. 2251538-40, 2798760/1, 2700052, 2252705.


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