Users are the weakest link in security both in organisations and the home. Cybercrimes are on the rise and it is important to make sure you’re not a victim. Any data you hold is valuable and you’re a target for cyber criminals.

Some of the simple steps you can take to reduce risk of attack include:


  • Regular software updates – Operating system and application updates and patches


  • Using strong passwords
  • Using different passwords for different accounts
  • Regularly changing passwords


  • Using reputable antivirus software – regularly updating it and running scans


  • Making sure you have a firewall
  • Making sure firewall hardware firmware is up to date
  • Changing default login details


  • Performing regular backups
  • Regular restoration exercises to test the backups

Safe browsing

  • Visit only trusted sites – look out for https in the browser for sites like banks, online shopping, emails before entering card details or personal details etc.
  • Not disclosing personal details to strangers on social networks.

Emails security

  • Avoid opening email attachments from unknown sources
  • Do not share passwords via emails

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