The general trend for crime is upwards unfortunately.

From the figures we have collated for September the main areas of concern are an upsurge in theft from motor vehicles (also reported as an issue in Mutare), and an increase in armed robberies.

With the events of the last week we should expect a rise in opportunistic crime as people struggle to make ends meet and look for opportunities to make a dollar.

Prices and local Mayhem this week

Everyone is a bit head down this week. For your peace of mind

  • We have fuel to operate
  • We have equipment in stock to support our service
  • We have material in stock for new installations and support (fences, alarms, etc)
  • We accept all forms of payment.

We are in the hands of local suppliers related to steel and a few other bits and pieces, but hopefully this will stabilise in the weeks ahead.

Internet and Email security

The breaches we have investigated seem to be common and growing. In short

  • Make sure you change your passwords regularly
  • Get a GOOD antivirus package
  • Avoid doing personal business on free public WI FI (banking etc)
  • At work make sure you have GOOD network security systems, and rules related to access to internet
  • Do not open mail that looks suspicious or unusual (especially condensed files.) SPAM in cases is an attempt to access your account.
  • DO NOT act on requests from a regular supplier to make payment to a different bank or bank account. CALL them personally to confirm. If you have these requests there is a good chance that your system has been breached

Andrew Mallon


On 2/9/18 at 00:45 hours an alarm signal was received from City Centre. Intruders gained entry through the roof. Alarm activated and the intruders escaped without taking anything.

On 8/9/18 our client from the city centre reported a break in. Intruders forced open the entrance door and got inside the shop where they stole several phones. The alarm did not trigger as it was faulty. The alarm installer was called to attend to the fault.

On 9/9/18 at 00:31 hrs an alarm signal was received from Kuwadzana. Intruders damaged one perimeter palisade bar and got inside a Base Station. Alarm activated and the intruders escaped without taking anything.

On 16/9/18 at 07:00 hours our client from Sentosa reported a break in. Intruders jumped over the durawall, entered the yard, broke a kitchen window to gain entry into the house and stole a plasma television set. The client does not have a house alarm, but only a panic system.

On 24/09/18 at 04:08 hours a panic signal was received from Northwood.  Intruders jumped over the durawall, broke the gate motor cage and stole the gate motor. This area is not covered by an alarm system.

On 24/9/18 our client in the Southerton area reported a break in. Intruders gained entry by breaking the backyard durawall and broke the outside and inside locks of the premises and stole a safe and tyres. The alarm did not trigger as it was faulty.  The Installer was called to attend to the fault.

On 24/9/18 there was a break in during the night in Avondale. Intruder did not get into the shop but hooked out some items through the window which was broken some time before.

On 25/9/18 at 01:20 hours a panic signal was received from Chisipite, the client reported a break in.  Intruders cut electric fence which was not functioning and got inside the yard. They broke the lounge window and got inside the house and stole a hand bag which was later recovered in the yard. The client does not have a house alarm but only a panic system which he pressed and triggered and the intruders ran away.



On the night of 17/09/2018 in Gweru Industrial site, an intruder scaled the perimeter wall securing a steel making company and attempted to break into a warehouse during the day light. The intruder was noticed by an alert guard who was doing his patrols. The warehouse has no intruder alarm.

On the 19/09/2018, at around 04:00, about 3 intruders one armed with an axe broke into a house in the suburb of Nashville and demanded cash from the residents who were sleeping.  The house has no house alarm.

On the 25/09/2018, in Nashville area unknown number of intruders scaled the perimeter wall securing   a house and attempted to gain access to the main house. The alarm activated and the intruders ran away.


During the night of 8/9/18 at an unknown time in the Steeldale industrial area, intruders cut an electric fence and drained 60 litres of diesel worth $80.00 from a parked truck. No signal was received by our office, and upon investigation it was discovered that employees randomly switch off the electric energiser power to charge their cell phones and forgot to reconnect the fence.  The client has issued warnings to his employees and the electric fence was repaired.

On 26/9/18 at 01:46hrs we received an alarm signal from Selborne Brooks residential area and our response team attended within 5 minutes. Intruders were in the process of forcing open a corridor door when the alarm activated and on activation and prompt attendance by our response team the intruders ran away leaving a bag with tools at the scene. No loss was suffered.

On 29/9/18 at 02:59hrs we received an alarm activation from a shop in the City Centre. Our response team which was within the area attended within 5 minutes and checked the perimeter, doors and windows. The key holder was called to attend and open the store and declined. The Response team was withdrawn and when the client opened the shop in the morning, he discovered that intruders had entered the premises through the roof and stolen a computer flash stick. Recommendations to add a beam in the ceiling were given to the client and to attend and open the premises in future.


Industrial Area

On the 27/09/2018 we received a panic from one of our clients.  The response team was dispatched.  On arrival they met the two caretakers who advised that clothing, some property and money was stolen from one of the caretaker’s house.  The response crew searched the surrounding area and recovered 1 x DVD player, 1 x 2 plate stove, 3 x jean trousers and 3 x t-shirts.  The caretaker advised all the clothing and property stolen was recovered except for money 1 x $20 note.  The thieves broke into the house before the caretaker had armed the alarm.

On the 16/09/2018 our client phoned requesting for us to meet with him at his premises.  Our supervisor attended and on arrival the client advised him that he was robbed at gun point.  The client advised that he was robbed of a cell phone, laptop, clothing and a small amount of cash.  The house is not protected by an alarm.

On the 23/09/2018 we received a panic signal.  Our response team was dispatched and on arrival they met the client who advised that he noticed intruders were trying to fish out goods from his shop.  Nothing was reported stolen.

Some crime figures from the Zimbabwe republic Police for Mutare Area for the month of August 2018.

  1. Unlawful entry –24
  2. Theft –216 cases
  3. Theft from motor vehicles –23


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